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Most Pursued Career Options After Studying Bachelors of Commerce

Best Institute for Commerce in India
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Best Institute For Commerce in India

A Bachelor of Commerce degree is a three-year degree program provided in Top B.Com Colleges in India. This program is designed to train students in subjects related to the field of commerce. During the course, students gain knowledge of different subjects like accounting, statistics, law, finance, marketing, and more. B.Com is among the three traditional courses, alongside BA (Bachelor of Arts) and BSc (Bachelor in Science), that almost every college and university in the country offers. If you are looking for the Best Institute for Commerce in India, join Kisalay Commerce Classes today,

Studying BCom offers a lot of benefits and career options. Many students take B.Com Admissions in Bhubaneswar to prepare to work in both, a corporate setting as well as an individual entity. A bachelor’s degree in commerce is often enough to define you for an area of work and land you a job in that field. But many students choose to wait for another year or two to explore their interest a bit more in a typical college settings. Pursuing further education helps in gaining the much required experience for higher positions in various companies. Those students who dream big and don’t wish to start their careers at the lowest rung often go on to pursue further education in this stream.

Here is a brief description of the most sought-after courses pursues after completing B.Com.

Masters of Commerce (M.Com) –

M.Com is the most commonly followed post-graduation program after BCom. It is a two-year program offers by most post-graduate colleges and universities in the country. This program provides students expertise over subjects they had studied at the graduate level. It focuses on a systematic study on Accounting, Finance, Business, Economics, Taxation, Statistics, Marketing, and Management. On completion of this program, students can opt for higher education and pursue M.Phil. or Ph.D. or try for a higher positions in public and private sector companies. Kisalay Commerce classes will be the right choice if you are looking for the Best CA Coaching in Allahabad.

MBA in Finance –

So many aspirants want to go for MBA (Masters of Business Administration) in Finance rather than pursuing MCom. This course educates aspirants on the financial as well as business skills required to work efficiently in a number of positions in different financial as well as other firms. An MBA program structure includes more industry exposure and hands on experience than MCom, which provides in-depth theoretical knowledge of the subjects. This two-year program can undoubtedly land you in budgetary administration positions. If you are looking for the Best CA foundation classes in Allahabad, visit Kisalay Commerce Classes today.

Chartered Accountant (CA) –

Becoming a Chartered Accountant opens doors to a wide range of exciting and prosperous career opportunities in the fields of business and finance. CA’s are in demand and this demand never ceases. They are acknowledged for their technical skills, professional standards, and accuracy in their work. Studying two-year CA programs gives you a cutting-edge over other accountants as you are trained to scrutinize and interpret business problems and develop dynamic solutions. Though the difficulty level of this course is high, it will make you fit for the higher echelons of management.

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Company Secretary –

This is another widely pursued course after BCom. Traditionally, the role of a company secretary was to assist the board of directors and supervising the administrative affairs of an organization. However, over time the outlook of this profession has expanded. Now their job description also includes taking care of corporate governance and also legal matters of a company. Undertaking the Company Secretary Course provides you a good grasp over subjects like law, accountancy, finance, administration, management, secretarial practice and many others.

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