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Know 8 Reasons Why Most Students Quit CA

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Best CA Coaching in Allahabad

Have you ever wondered why most students quit pursuing a Career as Chartered Accountants?

Have you ever wondered if it’s just about giving up your CA dreams or is there more to it than that? Do not encourage the devilish thought of quitting. I have been asked this question by many students during my presentations and even at home by my own family members. So, I decided to investigate the reasons behind the sudden surge in the number of people opting for other professions after having qualified as a Chartered Accountant. If you are looking for the Best CA Coaching in Allahabad, you can join Kisalay Commerce Classes today.

Here are eight possible reasons:

1) Falling short of expectations – The first reason for this big dropout is perhaps due to falling short of expectations. Some join CA but end up finding themselves entirely different from what they had expected earlier. The course is very demanding. It requires your complete dedication. Once you are through with it, the job market comes as a rude shock to many of them because they have no clue how to deal with this competitive environment that expects you to be perfect all the time. You can register today at Best CA coaching in Allahabad which is one of the leading institutes for commerce students in Allahabad.

2) Salary factor – The pay packages offered by companies these days are not at par with what students believe they would fetch after completing their CA qualifications. This is especially true for those who do not come from business backgrounds or have zero work experience before joining chartered accountancy profession . Often, new graduates expect much higher salaries than what they can actually get in reality. As a result, some give up on CA while others choose to remain unemployed rather than working for peanuts! If you are searching for the Best CA foundation classes in Allahabad, you can come to us at Kisalay Commerce Classes in Allahabad.

3) Bad image of CA profession – The job profiles in the field of accountancy and taxation do not sound attractive to many. They tend to veer away from such professions for some reason or the other, though money is one obvious factor. Some get attracted towards more rewarding jobs such as finance and investment banking. Others prefer marketing or branding over this profession.

4) Lack of knowledge about opportunities – There’s a huge misconception among students that Chartered Accountants work only in tax and audit firms and nothing else. This trend has been there since long and I am sure it will take years before things start changing for good in this area. Getting an internship during your studies is often considered enough for landing a job once you are done with your CA course. However, this has not been taken seriously by many young aspirants. Also, you can get enroll yourself at the Best CA foundation coaching in Allahabad known as Kisalay Commerce Classes.

5) Career options – The reason for many students opting for CA courses is that they believe it’s the only way to get into finance sector or tax and audit firms. Some do pursue other paths like MBA (General Management), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) etc., once their CA education is over while others opt for teaching profession instead of plunging deep down into financial world. At times, lack of clarity about career options also play its part behind someone giving up on chartered accountancy stream .

6) Relevance of studies during placements – Many students lose interest in CA while studying because of the common perception that they would be at a disadvantage compared with other students in terms of knowledge. They believe that only basic fundamental subjects are taught in CA course which is not good enough for competing against students from different streams. While looking for the Best CA Institute in Allahabad, visit Kisalay Commerce Classes today.

7) Poor salary index – A report published by Assocham-PwC in December last year stated that accountants and auditors working in state and federal governments get lower salaries than what is offered to their counterparts working in public sector undertakings (PSUs). This is obviously due to poor financial health of government organisations, which results into companies being able to pay very low service tax to their employees. Besides, benchmarking salaries based on experience or designation also becomes difficult because of absence of any rule or regulation in this regard.

8) Lack of respect – For people who are interested in pursuing CA, the biggest drawback is the lack of respect that students have for this profession. It is considered just another job or career option for many rather than something they would be proud to tell others about. They do not take this path seriously enough and remain unconcerned about their future as well.

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