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Reasons Why Distance Education BCOM Course is a Boon for Many

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A B.Com degree can open up different job opportunities in sectors such as management financing, finance, accounting and banking. Distance learning is fast becoming a viable option for starting such a degree course for students who cannot join a full time course for some reason or the other, be it financial problem or time constraint. If you want career guidance in commerce, you can join India’s Best CA Institute in Allahabad at Kisalay Commerce Classes.

However, a distance education B.Com course should always be done from a university that is recognized by UGC and is approved by DEC. You need to be at least 10+2 passed to pursue this course which is an undergraduate degree of 3 years duration. This correspondence course is normally divided into 6 semesters.

Advantages of B.Com Distance Education

There are various advantages of B.Com distance education courses, let us look at a few of them:

  1. Flexibility:

One of the main advantages of distance education is the flexibility it provides. Working professionals find these courses very useful which let them study and earn at the same time. Often many people have to stop their studies and start working, these people now get the chance of pursuing higher studies. You can join Kisalay Commerce classes if you want to join the Best CA Coaching in Allahabad.

  1. Save Time:

Distance education helps in considerable saving in time as well as energy that is spent in everyday commuting. As for example, you can be in Cuttack and take a course available in Chennai or be in a remote village where higher education has not reached yet. Distance learning is able to remove all these hurdles.

  1. Set Your Own Pace:

Not everyone can learn at the same pace as others. Some can pick up things relatively fast while there are students who need more time to understand. Distance learning provides such students an option to study at their own pace. If you are looking for the Best CA foundation classes in Allahabad, visit Kisalay Commerce classes now.

  1. Cost Effective:

These B.com distance education courses are generally cheaper than full time courses. In addition to it, you are also able to reduce your expenditure on day to day commuting that is necessary if you pursue a full time course.

  1. Study Material:

All the study material is available online allowing the student to access it anywhere and anytime. It is also possible to interact with fellow students and virtual classmates to exchange views and clear doubts. Kisalay Commerce Classes is India’s Best CA foundation coaching in Allahabad that you can join anytime you need.

Features of Distance Education B.Com Course

  • Students are able to study at their own pace as well as convenience with course terms ranging from three to eight years.
  • Students are able to develop their basic knowledge in fields of social science, humanities and computers due to the availability of compulsory foundation courses.
  • Their professional expertise develops because of the presence of different application-oriented courses.
  • Multi-media teaching methodology and choice of courses from other disciplines as elective courses provide students with a lot of flexibility.

Want to pursue B.Com in distance learning mode or wish to join the Best CA Institute in Allahabad? Get in touch with Kisalay Commerce Classes for more details and career guidance.

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