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How to Prepare for CBSE Board Exam?

how to prepare for CBSE Board exam
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One of the most significant exams in a student’s academic career is the CBSE Board Exam. Whether it’s the secondary or senior secondary exam, both require lengthy preparations for students to score good marks to clear the path for future career options. Each year, thousands of students sit the CBSE Class 10 and 12 board exams. It might be considered a student’s stepping stone into the world as they go on to make major career decisions, attend college or university, select specializations, or select a stream after 10, etc. The subject stream selected after 10th paves the way for future studies and the results of CBSE Class 12th often serve as the foundation for the degree program afterward selected for college. The scores attained in the CBSE Class 12th are also very significant in a student’s life because, in many circumstances, they determine the institution or university the student will be admitted to as well as the academic specialization they will receive.  Therefore, it is of paramount importance to know how to prepare for CBSE Board exam to score well. 

Top 10 tips on How to Prepare for CBSE Board Exam

As a result, we have selected the top study advice in this article for students who will be taking the CBSE Class board examinations in 2024. The reason why these 11 study ideas are the best is that you may only employ them in order to perform at your best throughout the approaching board exams.

Be Familiar with Your Syllabus

To understand how to prepare for CBSE Board exam, you should start with a thorough review of the curriculum. 

Among other information about the curriculum, the CBSE board syllabus for 2023–24 includes the subject name, subject code, annual course material, content organization, question topology, question paper design, list of project works, etc. In order to effectively prepare, CBSE board aspirants must comprehend how the course is structured and the format of the exam.

A student can only prepare for a 10th and 12th exam if they are aware of how to prepare for CBSE Board exam and what to study. The student will be guaranteed to understand the precise importance of a topic depending on the number of marks assigned to it thanks to the syllabus. 

how to prepare for CBSE Board exam

Additionally, it’s crucial for applicants for the board test 2023–2024 to understand what NOT to study. The material of the CBSE board syllabus has been reduced by roughly 30% for the 12th class. Students must therefore make sure that they are only studying material that will be evaluated on the board test in 2024.

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Only Read NCERT or Other BEST Books.

When you are confused about how to prepare for CBSE Board exam, NCERT books are the best solution. The CBSE Board recommends NCERT textbooks and resources for class 10 and 12 students. The NCERT course material has been created in a way that fully reflects the board’s goals and objectives. 

Solve the NCERT Papers 

There are numerous types of practice questions at the end of each chapter in the textbook for each subject. The questions range from objective multiple-choice questions (MCQs), fill-in-the-blanks, and both long and short-response questions. Even the chapters have a variety of questions that are not only intriguing but also significant from an exam standpoint in between the course material.

Sample Exam Questions and Marking Schemes for CBSE Board 

The CBSE Sample question papers might help you anticipate what the questions on your board exam will be like. By offering CBSE Class 12 Sample Question Papers and Marking Schemes, which are supposed to be a sample of the future board exam question paper, the CBSE board offers guidance to all applicants in all streams. 

How to prepare for CBSE Board Exam with sample papers: A crucial preparation tip for CBSE pupils is to also consult the subject-specific marking schemes. Students should also pay attention to the accompanying marking system because it shows them how to correctly answer certain questions in order to receive all possible points.

Make a Study Plan

You should make a thorough study plan after obtaining and gathering all of the necessary study materials. Here, you should put the chapters that carry heavier weight and are simpler first before moving on to the others.

You should endeavour to finish it by setting a deadline based on the subject. Create your study schedule so that you won’t feel rushed. Depending on your capacity, you should give suitable after a continuous study period of 1 or 2 hours. So that you won’t get tired while studying.

Make your schedule as simple as possible because you must attend school. Make sure to assign each subject the time it requires for you to practice. Give students more time to finish their assignments on weekends.

Be Specific and Set Achievable Goals

You should be specific in your study plan. You should concentrate solely on the specific trigonometry topic at that time if you have already started your trigonometry training.

Make a simple study schedule for Class 12 and even simpler for Class 10. Set a deadline and adhere to it to finish all your practicing before the set time. 

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Numerous students make the error of studying and finishing numerous assignments without ever editing them. Students who are studying for board exams must not commit this serious error. 

One of the most crucial exam preparation advice for students is to continue studying new material and reviewing previously studied material every day.

Take a Break and Stay Calm

Take appropriate pauses in between study sessions. Without the right break, you’ll start to feel mentally exhausted and your study performance will eventually suffer.

Following the conclusion of the research, taking a 15–20 minute break every hour or two will allow you to make yourself feel refreshed and relaxed. 

Keep your composure and relax. You should practice regular meditation and simple activities to achieve that. Your inability to adequately prepare for the CBSE Board Exam is caused by over-thinking, stress, and fear.

If it makes you feel effective, change the strategy.

You should keep in mind that the preparation for the CBSE board may not follow a defined study schedule for the entire year. Once you get more adept at moving quickly and managing your time, you can alter the strategy.

To make a study plan for the Board exams, it is, therefore, advisable to utilize a pencil. It will help you to make changes in your strategy easily. 

You scarcely get 5 to 6 hours after school because of your necessity to attend classes. So, make smart plans. Avoid making a mess of things. Create a clear and realistic study plan with goals for the board exam.

Stay Focused and avoid distractions

You should isolate yourself from sources of distractions like smartphones, social media, and other things when you are studying.

You should watch it if it is useful for your studies, just like any curriculum-related YouTube video. But be sure to reserve a certain time for that.

Avoiding distractions will make it simple for you to focus correctly on your research. You should maintain your focus as much as you can. As a result, you can quickly eliminate the distraction’s origin.

Develop Your Time Management Skills and Speed Up

You can learn time management skills by studying the right study materials and answering lots of questions from sample papers and previous year’s exams. When attempting to answer the questions in the real exam, it will be quite beneficial.

You will learn more about all types of questions by resolving a variety of them. So it’s simple to increase your problem-solving speed.

Consume Hygienic Food to Stay Healthy

Eat hygienic food only, and stay away from outside food. Because success in every endeavour, including exam preparation and competition participation, depends on having a healthy body and mind. You should eat well and get enough rest. Otherwise, you risk getting sick prior to or during the major exam.

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