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Preparing for Competitive Exams in Commerce

Exams are an important component of any student’s academic experience and are frequently used to evaluate how well students have learned and comprehended the things they have studied. It is crucial to have a well-structured study plan and successful strategies in place if you want to perform well on competitive exams in Commerce. The appropriate strategy can dramatically improve your performance on any academic exam, whether you are getting ready for 11 and 12th board exams, preparing for CMA, CA or CS exams, or something else entirely. We’ll provide you tips for preparing for competitive exams in Commerce in this post so you may make the most of your study time and give your best effort on test day.

These study tips and strategies cover a range of competitive exams in Commerce like CMA, CA, CS, and planning your study time wisely, comprehending the format of the exam, making the most of your study tools, and caring for your physical and mental health. By implementing these strategies into your exam preparation routine, you can develop a solid knowledge base, increase your confidence, and lessen the stress and worry that comes with taking exams. So let’s get started with the key techniques that will prepare you for success in your next tests.

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CMA Exam Preparation Tips and Study Plan 

Long-term and short-term objectives should be a part of the candidate’s CMA preparation approach, depending on how they are doing with the exam syllabus. CMA is one of the most competitive exams in Commerce study field. Step-by-step preparation for the CMA should be based on the following essentials:

  • Step 1: Exam Pattern & Sectional Composition for CMA
  • Step 2: Go through the entire CMA syllabus.
  • Step 3: Plan and select your CMA preparation mode.
  • Step 4: Consider the CMA Exam Study Time as an Important Factor.
  • Step 5: Books for CMA Exam Preparation
  • Step 6: Vital CMA preparation advice for studying in six months, three months, and two months
  • Step 7: Mock exams for CMA preparation

CMA Exam Pattern

CMA Foundation

The foundation CMA course is divided into 4 papers which include fundamentals of the following topics: 

  • Business Laws and Business Communication 
  • Financial and Cost Accounting 
  • Fundamentals Of Business Mathematics and Statistics 
  • Fundamentals Of Business Economics and Management 

CMA Foundation Exam highlight

Exam FeaturesCMA Exam Details 
Mode of examOffline Centre-Based Test
Type of questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Total marks in each subject paper100
Duration of exam120 minutes
Number of subject papers4

CMA Intermediate 

Group 1Group 2
Paper 5: Business Laws and Ethics Paper 9: Operations Management and Strategic Management 
Paper 6: Financial Accounting Paper 10: Corporate Accounting and Auditing 
Paper 7: Direct and Indirect Taxation Paper 11: Financial Management and Business Data Analytics 
Paper 8: Cost Accounting Paper 12: Management Accounting 

CMA Intermediate and Final Exam Highlight

The mode and duration of the exam and type of questions in both intermediate and final exams are the same:

Exam FeaturesCMA Exam Details 
Mode of exams in both intermediate and finalOffline test from centre
Type of questions in both examsDescriptive
Total marks in each subject paper100
Duration of exam180 minutes

CMA Final – Group 3

Group 3Group 4
PAPER 13: Corporate and Economic Laws PAPER 17: Cost and Management Audit 
PAPER 14: Strategic Financial Management PAPER 18: Corporate Financial Reporting 
PAPER 15: Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation PAPER 19: Indirect Tax Laws and Practice 
PAPER 16: Strategic Cost Management PAPER 20: Pick only one subject from the below: PAPER 20A: Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation  PAPER 20B: Risk Management in Banking and Insurance  PAPER 20C: Entrepreneurship and Start-Up 
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CA Exam Preparation

What makes CA one of the most competitive exams in Commerce is the fact that the level of difficulty increases with each exam. CA foundation is simple and CA Final is the most difficult, followed by CA Intermediate, which is somewhat difficult. It makes sense why it’s regarded as the most competitive exams in Commerce.

If you are one of the candidates who wants to become a chartered accountant but is unsure about how and when to begin studying, whether to use a coaching center or not, or what strategies to use while preparing for the ICAI CA exams, read this article to learn the top tips that will help you do well on the exam.

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CA Study Plan – Keep the following in mind to plan your strategy 

  • Make a Time Table
  • Move Ahead with Divide and Rule Plan
  • Attempt Pre Mocks
  • Bring Conceptual Clarity
  • Make it a Habit of Solving Sample Papers
  • Be Part of a Study Group
  • Focus on Areas of Improvement
  • Post-Preparation Mocks

CA Exam Highlight

CA Exam FeaturesDetails
Exam NameChartered Accountancy (CA) exam
Exam Conducting BodyICAI
Exam LevelsCA Foundation CA Intermediate CA Final
Mode of ExamsComputer test mode-based
Exam FrequencyTwice in a year May-June November-December
Total Marks per Paper100
Total Marks 400
Passing Marks40 percent in all papers
Level of DifficultyTough
Number of AttemptsMultiple
Marking schemeNO negative marking for subjective (Papers 1 and 2) For the objective papers (Papers 3 and 4) there will be a 1/4 mark deduction for each incorrect response.
Medium of examEnglish and Hindi, with the exception of Paper 2’s Section B, which will only be in English.

CA Foundation Papers

ICAI CA Foundation PapersLevel I: Comprehension & KnowledgeLevel II: Application
1Principles and Practice of Accounting5%-20%80%-95%
2ABusiness Laws50%-65%35%-50%
2BBusiness Correspondence and Reporting100%
3Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics100%
4IBusiness Economics40%-50%50%-60%
4IIBusiness and Commercial Knowledge100%

CA Intermediate papers

ICAI CA Intermediate PapersLevel I Comprehension & KnowledgeLevel II Analysis & Application
2Part I: Company Law40%-55%45%-60%
2Part II: Other Laws35%-55%45%-65%
3Cost and Management Accounting20%-30%70%-80%
4AIncome-tax law5%-20%80%-95%
4BIndirect Taxes20%-45%55%-80%
5Advanced Accounting5%-15%85%-95%
6Auditing and Assurance30%-55%45%-70%
7AEnterprise Information Systems40%-65%35%-60%
7BStrategic Management50%-70%30%-50%
8AFinancial Management20%-30%70%-80%
8BEconomics for Finance60%-80%20%-40%

CA Final Papers 

ICAI CA Final PapersLevel I Comprehension & KnowledgeLevel II Analysis & ApplicationLevel III Evaluation & Synthesis
1Financial Reporting5%-15%55%-85%15%-25%
2Strategic Financial Management10%-20%20%-40%50%-60%
3Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics15%-25%40%-70%20%-30%
4Corporate & Economic Laws Part I: Corporate Law15%-25%40%-55%30%-35%
Part II: Economic Laws30%-50%50%-70%
5Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation10%-15%45%-55%35%-40%
7Direct Tax Laws & International Taxation Part I: Direct Tax Laws5%-10%55%-75%20%-35%
Part II: International Taxation40%-50%50%-60%
8Indirect Tax Laws Part I: Goods and Services Tax


Part II: Customs & FTP20%-40%40%-70%10%-20%

CS Exam Preparation

The best study tips for passing the Company Secretary CS exam in 2023 or 2024 are offered here. You must utilize the six months effectively. You need to identify your priorities, and weak points and prepare accordingly to prepare for this competitive exam in commerce

Tips to prepare for CS exam 

  • Know your CS Syllabus and Exam Pattern
  • Create a Schedule
  • Use the Best CS Study Resources and books 
  • Practice with prior years’ Question Papers
  • Find yourself a tutor or a Coaching for the Company Secretary Exam
  • Keep your focus 
  • Practice and solve as many CS practice papers as possible.

CS Syllabus and Exam Pattern: A Must Read

The CS Syllabus and Exam Pattern must be reviewed by the students in order to learn the subjects and important themes that will be covered for the CSEET, Executive, and Professional Exams. The students’ chances of receiving high marks will be improved.

CS Exam Highlights 

Mode of ExamCenter-based examination; Offline
Duration of ExamThree hours for each paper
Marks100 marks for each paper
Language of Question PaperEnglish
Nature of questionsMCQs and Descriptive
Pre-Examination RequirementClear a Pre-Examination Test to qualify for enrolment
New Syllabus First Examination 2022Executive- 21-Dec-2023 onwards Professional- June 2024

CS Exam Pattern by ICSI: Executive Programme 2022

Group 1

Paper NumberSubjectsMarks
1Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws100
2Part 1 – Company Laws – Principles and Concepts Practice Work60
Part II – Company Administration & Meetings40
3Part 1 – Entrepreneurship, Industrial & Labour Laws Setting Up of Business60
Part II – Industrial & Labour Laws40
4Part I – Corporate Accounting and Financial Management 60
Part II – Financial Management40

Group 2

Paper NumberSubjectsMarks
5Part1 – Capital Market & Securities Laws 40
Part II – Securities Laws60
6Part I – Economic & Commercial Laws60
Part II – Intellectual Property Laws40
7Part 1 – Direct Tax60
Part II – Indirect Tax40

All papers for the Executive Program’s examination have a combination of 20% case-based objective-type questions and 80% descriptive questions, with the exception of Paper No. 4’s Corporate Accounting and Financial Management, which has 100% descriptive questions.

Duration: 3 Hours (each paper)

Marks: 100 Marks (each paper)

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Preparing for competitive exams in Commerce requires students to maintain a proper study plan, manage their time, identify their priorities, eliminate their weaknesses, keep in good shape and mind, and ask a professional for help in case of doubts. The preparations should start at least 6 months prior to the exam day. Please note that not everyone can clear the exams in the first attempt whether it’s CA, CMA, or CS, but don’t let this dishearten you. Keep pushing your limits until you clear all exams. 

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