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11th and 12th Commerce Coaching Pratapgarh UP Board

Since its beginning, Kisalay Commerce Classes has kept a strong tradition of brilliance and intellectual rigor. In the area of education, innovation has always been our goal. Our great faculty, staff, and students have maintained this heritage. Commerce education regarding 11th and 12th for Pratapgarh students, Kisalay Commerce Classes is the best destination 11th and 12th Commerce Coaching Pratapgarh KCC given its strong base of 8675 satisfied students out of 11650 in total. 

With a headquarters in the neighboring city of Allahabad, students preparing 11th and 12th for Pratapgarh UP Board exams can easily reach us both offline and online. 

Kisalay has been a leader in the field of commerce education thanks to our unwavering dedication to offering each student a high-quality education at a reasonable cost. Students have countless opportunities to combine their knowledge and enthusiasm on the Kisalay online platform in ways that will advance their academic careers and overall development.

Our modes of online teaching

  • Cloud
  • App Platform
  • Live Streaming
  • Recorded Lectures
  • Or Join Offline Classes etc.

What sets Kisalay Commerce Classes apart?

Every student looking for 11th and 12th Commerce Coaching Pratapgarh UP Board exams receives personalized attention and customized class timings with Kisalay Commerce Classes to clear doubts and gain an edge over competitors. Kisalay online classes encourage a technology-integrated e-learning style, which is made possible by utilizing cutting-edge online tools housed in top-notch facilities in Pratapgarh and Allahabad. Our education delivery mechanism incorporates a range of online/offline platforms to help students make the most out of their study time. Our distinct module approach, which is designed to maximize results by assisting students in fully understanding their fundamental concepts, distinguishes Kisalay Commerce Classes from our rivals.

  • We have a Pan-India online presence 
  • We Have The Most Qualified Team of Faculty from all over the country.
  • For missed classes, we offer make-up sessions and backup video lectures.
  • Excellent Study Material from Top Professors.
  • Positive Results.

Commerce as a Stream in 11th and 12th for Pratapgarh Students 

Commerce education in the city of Pratapgarh is a job-oriented career path with hundreds of prospects waiting at every twist and turn in your career. You will learn a range of new topics including Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, English, Math, and Informatics. We teach commerce fundamentals through an effective curriculum if students choose to continue their education in the same field and have a successful future.

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Industry-Trained Faculty 

Students at Kisalay Commerce Classes greatly benefit from the industry-experienced educators who help them develop a spirit of inquiry and discovery, which encourages them to pursue their interests and resolve academic challenges in multidisciplinary ways. We collaborated with industry stalwarts under the guidance of our faculties to create 11th and 12th curriculum that matches the latest trends in the commerce sector.  

Our faculty members have vast experience with 11th and 12th for Pratapgarh UP Boards exams. They have a wealth of experience and are experts in their fields, which aids in providing the aspirants with the proper mentoring and training. You will receive the best lessons for commerce in Pratapgarh from us because we are the best 11th and 12th Commerce Coaching in Pratapgarh.

They conduct regular practice sessions and weekly tests in a unique design to provide pupils the confidence they need to score high in 11th and 12th for Pratapgarh UP Board exams. Today’s world demands knowledge that transcends conventional bounds, which is why Kisalay’s faculties support both scholarly and practical skills development. Because we know the world of learning is changing rapidly and demands technology-driven solutions for each student to succeed in their intermediate exams, we recruited faculties that are well-versed with online tools and mobile app learning to create an atmosphere where students can study anytime, anywhere.

Check out the benefits of attending online classes with Kisalay 

  • Individual Attention 
  • Industry-compatible and job-oriented courseware 
  • Highly qualified teachers 
  • Adaptive and flexible class timings
  • Online accessibility of books and course materials 
  • Guest lectures from industry stalwarts 
  • Placement opportunities 
  • Low-cost education

Quality features of mobile app for an effective e-learning

  • Superior quality content 
  • Live courses and study material 
  • Interactive video lessons
  • Live assessment/doubt-clearing sessions /live chat  
  • Smart classes
  • Backup Lectures 
  • Parent login

Industry-Focused Curriculum for 11 and 12 Pratapgarh UP Board 

  • Accountancy 
  • Economics
  • Business Studies 
  • English
  • Optional Subjects such as Math, IP, PE, etc. 
  Accountancy  Economics  Business studies  English
Accounting for Partnership Firms and  CompaniesNature and Significance of ManagementIntroductory MicroeconomicsEnglish Flamingo Poem
Accounting for Partnership FirmsPrinciples of ManagementIntroductionMy Mother At Sixty-six
Accounting for Partnership firmsBusiness EnvironmentConsumer’s Equilibrium and DemandAn Elementary School Classroom In a Slum
Admission of a partnerPlanningProducer Behaviour and SupplyKeeping Quiet
Retirement and death of a partnerOrganizingForms of Market and Price DeterminationA Thing Of Beauty
Dissolution of a partnership firmStaffingIntroductory MacroeconomicsA Roadside Stand
Accounting for CompaniesDirectingNational Income and Related AggregatesAunt Jennifer’s Tigers
Accounting for Share CapitalControllingMoney and BankingEnglish Vistas
Accounting for DebenturesFinancial ManagementDetermination of Income and EmploymentThe Last Lesson
Financial Statement AnalysisFinancial MarketGovernment Budget and the EconomyLost Spring
Analysis of Financial StatementsMarketingBalance of PaymentsDeep Water
Financial statements of a companyConsumer protectionProject WorkThe Rattrap
Financial Statement AnalysisEntrepreneurship DevelopmentIndigo
Accounting RatiosPoets And Pancakes
Liquidity RatiosThe Interview
Solvency RatiosGoing Places
Activity Ratios
Profitability Ratios
Cash Flow Statement

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