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How To Crack Ca Foundation Exam

Ca Foundation Exam
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CA is a highly admired and aspired profession but the CA exam is a tough nut to crack. Despite its difficulty level, its popularity level is quite high. Any business organisation is almost nothing without the guidance and supervision of a CA. The importance and significance of a CA are much. This makes CA a highly aspired profession.

The first step in becoming a CA is to qualify CA Foundation exam unless and until you are exempted by the provisions of ICAI. The base idea of smart work for qualifying for the CA foundation exam lies in understanding what to study and whatnot. Therefore, what matters in CA foundation is not the quantity of matter but the quality of study materials, learning and revision.

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How To Crack Ca Foundation Exam

Here are some tips and tricks which will help you in cracking the exam:

1. Know your exam – One should know his/her goal very well. Knowing your goal and determining your goal are two different things so don’t get confused. In order to achieve any objective one should properly know it. The first and foremost thing to be done is to know each and every detail regarding the course and exam of CA. Do a thorough research work on this course, without which it cannot be cracked. Keep yourself updated and read every notice and announcement made regarding this exam. Knowing your exam also means knowing your syllabus. Here is an idea of your exam –

Ca Foundation Exam

CA Foundation has 4 papers. They are:

  • Paper 1) Principles and Practice of Accounting
  • Paper 2) Business Laws, Business Correspondence and Reporting
  • Paper 3) Mathematics, Logical Reasoning & Statistics
  • Paper 4) Economics, Business and Commercial Knowledge

CA Foundation exam is of 400 marks and has 4 papers and each paper carries 100 marks. Paper 1&2 are subjective whereas 3&4 are objective. There is no negative marking for paper 1&2 but papers 3&4 carry negative marking which 1/4 is. Minimum 40% marks in individual paper and minimum 50% marks in aggregate are necessarily required to qualify for the CA Foundation exam. This exam is conducted twice a year.

2. Plan- Failing to plan is planning to fail. In order to succeed in life, one has to be organised and should do everything in a well-planned way. Mismanagement and chaos leads to failure. Plan your routine, your studying hours, studying manner and even plan your future years. Planning is a lubricant that smoothens the functioning of our life. So, after “knowing your exam”, you have to plan accordingly. You can always take the guidance of your teacher/mentor in preparing a sound plan to achieve your goal.

3. Coaching – The guidance of an expert is of utmost importance. You cannot do study and understand everything on your own. So, do some research work and choose the best coaching available and make your teacher your mentor. This will save your energy going in vain due to pressure of doing everything on your own and will lessen your burden and enhance your studying and learning capacity. A good mentor will never guide you wrong and thus you can trust him and depend on him without any doubt or hesitation and every knowledge imparted by him to you will be correct and verified. Your mentor/coaching will explain the syllabus to you which again is very important for succeeding. You can join the best CA coaching in India.

4. Mentor- Aspirants should very wisely choose a good mentor. Good mentorship acts as a catalyst, smoothening and speeding up the journey towards success. Moreover, a student can rely on his mentor rather than wandering here and there. And only he should be trusted upon rather than trusting and relying upon other unauthentic sources. Notes, syllabus, question papers, exam patterns etc. provided by the mentor will be of great help and no unnecessary pain is to be taken for further corroboration of such study materials. Irrelevant, obsolete, unauthentic and ambiguous study materials and sources often lead to delayed success or failure.

5. Don’t rush for many books- Do not buy each and every book about which you come to know from any unauthentic source or from hearsay. Go only for the books suggested by your mentor/coaching and notes provided by them. Not doing so will make you deviate from your path and unnecessarily increase your burden and sometimes may also be damaging and result in building wrong concepts. Build crystal clear concepts with the help of books and notes and don’t try to learn by heart.

6. Make your own notes- No one other than you knows you better so don’t go for anyone else’s handwritten notes except for the notes of your coaching institution. For an efficient, long-lasting and smarter understanding and learning make your own notes in your own style and format, which you think will help you in deep understanding, concept building and quick revision. Understanding and learning from anyone else’s handwriting is difficult and even does not last long.

7. Revision- Allocate some time for your daily revision and try to revise 2-3 times before you appear in your examinations. Revision gives you a deeper and crystal clear understanding. Moreover, it builds confidence in you and a sense of “preparedness” which helps you perform well. The revision also helps in rectifying errors. Try to complete your syllabus before time and utilise the remaining time in revising.

8. Solve mock tests and past question papers – Solve mock tests and practice question papers as frequently as possible and that too in an examination hall atmosphere. It can either be done daily or weekly. Mock tests help you in ascertaining weaknesses and mistakes. It also builds confidence in you. If done in a progressive manner and with a positive approach it improves you with every passing mock test. Solve the question papers of past years and analyse the pattern of questions. And be updated regarding changes in the pattern or other relevant necessary things. Mock tests can be solved online from the best CA coaching in India.

9. Analyse your strength and weaknesses- Knowing your strength as well as weakness is very important in order to qualify for any examination. Self-assessment should be done on the basis of performance in mock tests and practising previous question papers. You should rectify your errors and work on your weak portion of studies and improve it. Strengths should also be assessed and worked upon for extraordinary performance. Strength areas should be made stronger and special attention, care and hard work is required in the weaker areas.

10. Beat pressure, anxiety, stress and fear- Don’t be under any pressure or stress because the pressure will trigger fear of failing and this fear will give birth to negativity in our approach and attitude. Fear and anxiety go hand in hand. People who are free from fear and pressure most often perform very well because they do very thing with an independent mind and whole heartedly.

11. Stay focused and motivated- One who is focused achieves earlier and for staying focused you need to be motivated. Lack of motivation deviates you from your path. Meditate for 15-30 minutes, do physical work for minimum of 40 minutes, eat healthily, read good books and minimise unnecessary social media surfing because these things resultantly deviate the student from their actual path leading towards their goal. Such activities are strictly prohibited to some extent to the CA aspirants.

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