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What are the Subjects of the Commerce Stream for classes 11th and 12th?

Subjects of Commerce Stream for classes 11th and 12th
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After the completion of the 10th normal, Life’s not as bubbly as everybody assumes it might be. There is a major the 1st step has got to take; opt for that stream they’d need to select, and it’s not simple, as a result, it decides heaps a few kid’s future life. it is a terribly crucial step and therefore to create it easier for you we’d tell you about one of the most important streams; commerce, and all its aspects. Here are the details about the Subjects of Commerce Stream for classes 11th and 12th.

What is Commerce?

Commerce is the associate arena of study that directs trade and retail activities, like the trade of commodities and the management of finance from the producer to the end-user. Varied subjects like political economy, accounting, and Business Studies are fractions of the Commerce stream in Class 11th and 12th. After 10th grade, people who are serious concerning this space ought to solely enrol during a Commerce course.

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Why a Student should opt for Commerce?

The following are the crucial justifications one ought to select subjects of Commerce Stream for classes 11th and 12th:

An Employee with Best Pay:

Consider any employment and so ponder what quantity you’d be got it. In no matter profession, who is the loftiest-paid worker? Management, to be sure. Management is educated at a young age within the sphere of commerce.

Subjects of Commerce Stream for classes 11th and 12th

Therefore, if you’re interested in management and capital, the Commerce line is the greatest choice. Learn administration from the surface up in Commerce. Taking it to touch so much, chartered Accountants during a country like India and around the globe earn hefty packages.


What sensible is education if you do not place it to use? Everything in Commerce has abrupt application in each side of life, whether or not it’s business studies, accounting, or political economy. You’ll place what you’ve got learned in these classes to use in your way of life.

For illustration, commerce is entrenched in our daily lives; we have a tendency to use the services of the associate comptroller to rectify our accounts and maintain a path of our family budgets.


Every government on the earth encourages voters to be entrepreneurial. Our government, for instance, promotes “Make in India” and Atma Nirbhar Bharat to realize a five-trillion-dollar economy.

Someone who begins a business is understood as an associate enterpriser. They got to be well-versed on each side. What are your ways of addressing taxes and their monetary consequences? In what ways does one use to upset the dynamic business landscape? These are all considerations for business house owners.

All of those queries are relevant, and as a selling advisor, you’ll be educated to answer them.

All of those are often accomplished by different streams in addition. However, as a commerce student, you have got a bonus over them. Startups like Start-up in India and create in India thriving. The world is looking ahead to contemporary entrepreneurs to return up with new ideas that may facilitate to the enhancement of the economy.

During the Pandemic, there was attention on entrepreneurship and businesses, in addition as however, one enterpriser used the Pandemic to expand their firm. Business with a commerce background is a better drill to execute as you have got heaps of crucial things in restraint.

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What are the most Subjects in Commerce?

One of the foremost queries that arise among the scholars is the Subjects of Commerce Stream for classes 11th and 12th?” There is five main commerce subjects list:

  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • English
  • Math


Organizations throughout the planet revolve around the ideas of “accountancy” and “accounting.” To assess monetary success, any leading corporation in any enterprise expects cheap accounting. The accounting stream teaches you basic accounting principles, the way to prepare and perceive monetary accounts, and the way to calculate an associate organization’s profit. Profit is the primary motivation for all businesses. The premise for determinant profit is accounting.

Business Studies:

The subject’s name implies what it’s concerning. Business studies are involved with the survey of trade, marketing, and business in prudence, as its name suggests. You will study how businesses begin and grow through time. You’ll additionally get an associate understanding of the business atmosphere and also the forces that influence it. This subject can assist you in comprehending the company world. If you would like to be a businessperson sometime, you need to initial study and comprehend the business trade world.


Economics is one of the foremost difficult and vital subjects in commerce in CBSE Class 11th and 12th. It offers you a radical understanding of what associate economy is and why reading it’s therefore vital. It additionally offers you associate insight into how the nationwide and worldwide economies work. Understanding the world economy can aid you in future employment decisions.

Though we’ve got a basic perception of the economic process from our 10th grade, the 11th-grade political economy curriculum offers us a totally completely different perspective on the topic.


English could be a widespread subject that prevails no matter the stream you relate to. You learned the topic and basic synchronic linguistics till 10th grade, and this is not a brand new shoe that must be tame. It’s a worldwide language, and you need to be fluent in it. Once you graduate from high school, English is the sole language that may secure your survival within the company or job realm


We aren’t unacquainted with arithmetic. Science has modified us since we have a tendency to be youngsters, and it continues to try to, therefore. Everything is calculated, and calculation is the foundation for comprehending life’s science. In arithmetic, the CBSE commerce subject Class 11th curriculum covers the subsequent topics:

  • Arithmetic Calculus is a subject in mathematics.
  • Probability, statistics Programming in linear terms

It is yet one more universal subject that may assist you to qualify for key future courses like CA, Finance in Master in Business, and different skilled programs.

The Other Discretionary Commerce Subjects:

Computer Science:

Not everybody pursues a career in business as a result it’s one thing they’re dependent on. Some individuals might have chosen it since they were unable to settle on the science cluster thanks to their low grades. Do not panic if you would like to pursue a career in engineering however, did not choose the PCC. In your commerce Class, you’ll follow a constant engineering curriculum.

Information Practices:

Informatics Practices could be an engineering field that’s equivalent to science. The sector of engineering is bothered with the study of computers. We have a tendency to comprehend the information and its process through scientific practices, that transcend laptop applications.

Physical Education:

Physical education is an associate intriguing subject to explore. Physical coaching was one thing we have a tendency to all love. If you appreciate sports, creating it in your career is far additional exciting. It’s easier than any further subject to record.

This course can assist you in following a straight career as a physical trainer. You’ll return to being a prosperous corporal coach by earning a bachelor’s or degree in education.

Subjects of Commerce Stream for classes 11th  and 12th

Here is the complete list of the Subjects of Commerce Stream for classes 11th  and 12th that one will be studying:

Class 11 Commerce SubjectsClass 12 Commerce Subjects
Accountancy (Mandatory)
Business Studies (Mandatory)
Economics (Mandatory)
English (Mandatory)
Informatics Practices/ Mathematics (Mandatory)
Physical Education (Optional)
Accountancy (Mandatory)
Business Studies (Mandatory)
Economics (Mandatory)
Informatics Practices/ Mathematics (Mandatory)
English (Mandatory)
Physical Education (Optional)

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Which Are the Subjects in Commerce With and Without Maths?

Commerce without math subjects in class 11, involves the following:

  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Economics and
  • English

What Are the Available Commerce Stream Boards in India?

The 4 Commerce Streams Boards are-

  •  IB (International Baccalaureate)
  • Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
  • ISC (Indian School Certificate)
  • State Boards etc.

These are the complete details about the Subjects of Commerce Stream for classes 11th  and 12th Make sure to choose the right school and get better knowledge out of it.

FAQs For Subjects of Commerce Stream for classes 11th and 12th

What are the three main subjects in Commerce?

Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics are the three main subjects in Commerce.

Should I take Commerce With Math?

It is completely up to you. If you are good at math, go with Commerce with Math. But, one can make a career even without math.

Which is the best subject in Commerce?

It also depends on your interest and passion. In terms of scoring, economics is known to be everyone’s favt subject.

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