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Chartered Accountant (CA) Salary in India

CA Salary in India
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A CA is a much-respected profession in India. The CA is known to be the best in terms when it comes to paying scale. Here are the details about the Chartered Accountant CA Salary in India. Chartered Accountants in India get paid well but it fluctuates a lot depending upon the firms or companies that one is working with.

However, some students who are trained in another stream have shifted streams to be chartered Accountants. The most reason is that the demand for CA’s in India and CA Salary in India is in lakhs. An individual who has passed the CA-Finals and has acquired the required ability capabilities and skill is in a wonderful position to earn a handsome CA Salary in India per month.

Chartered Accountant Salary in India, CA Salary in India:

Chartered Accountant Salary in India (CA Salary in India) relies on his job profile and also the company that hires him. If the general public sector employs you, you have the benefit of mounted hours of labour and fewer stresses. However if you’re CA working in an MNC, you’ll be able to earn a lot. Even if Government firms don’t pay high salaries, their edges for a CA are nice.

Salary Packages of Chartered Accountants in India

The Salary of a Chartered Accountant in India depends on different factors. It depends on the skills and capability of one individual. Here are some categories that we have made like Least Package, Highest Package, Mid-range package and the lowest package etc.

  • Least Package: The least CA Salary in India is calculable at authority 3lakhs. This is often the best beginning pay for freshers. However, the CA Who has done exceptionally well within the CA-Final Examination or has designed a whole for themselves might earn the very best beginning pay for CA.
  • Highest Package: The highest pay packages for CA are International posting. They earn up to 76 lakhs PA.
  • In-Between Package: The Chartered Accountant pay for a world Posting between authority 9-18 lakhs pa, and also the public sector might pay the authority 10-20 lakhs PA. Indian Business giants Offer between 6-9 lakhs PA.
  • Lowest Package: In return for services, tiny firms supply a Chartered Accountant in India a pay package of INR 3 lakhs PA.

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CA Salary in India in Different Sectors:

The CA Salary in India varies as per the companies or sector one is working in or with. Here are the sectors that are known to pay well.


As we’ve already mentioned that PSU shortlists the candidates even once a variety of makes an attempt however the standard of their shortlisting is marked.

Some PSUs like ONGC, HPCL, BSNL, etc. provide a high pay package as compared to CA corporations. Usually, CA Salary in India fluctuates from 6-15 lakhs depending upon the performance in the Interview.

IT Firms:

Companies like Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft, etc. recruit a variety of CA candidates. They need an entire full-fledged audit team. The pay of CA IT firms usually varies from 7 to 10 Lakhs rupees PA.

Manufacturing Firms:

Manufacturing Firms like TCS, MRF, Vedanta, etc Hire the lower class CA’s on as lowest pay possible 07 Lakhs to 11 lakhs Per Annum.


Banks hire a variety of CA candidates. They need varied job profiles for the Lower Chartered Accountant. Banks like ICICI, HDFC, etc. Usually, offer CA Salary in India is between 5-10 lakhs.

Indian CA corporations:

Many Indian CA corporations recruit CA candidates to handle their work. They conjointly get the good thing about appointing Chartered Accountants as their range of audits will increase by recruiting the number of CA. The CA corporations in India are Hari-bhakti & Co., Singhi & Co., Chaturvedi & monarch etc.

International firms:

These firms hire Chartered Accountants for their international branches. The pay packages here are terribly high however the particular profit hand is relatively low. Within the 2016 field placement, Ashutosh Agarwal was offered the highest salary which was 76 Lakhs Per Annum in Olam International however the Initial Salary is relatively very low.

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Salary of Chartered Accountants in India on the Basis of their Job Profile:

There is a varied posts within the country that wants a Chartered Accountant quite the data of Accounts and Taxes. The Job profile like chief financial officer, registered representative, Finance Controller, and Finance Manager get handsome salaries with packages of 20 lakhs per year. Below is the list of Annual CA Salary in India supported Job Profile as of 2023:

Job profileCA Salary Per Annum (Avg)
Account executive20 Lakhs
Finance controller14-16 Lakhs
Accountant14 Lakhs
Finance Manager10-12 Lakhs
Financial analyst06-07 Lakhs
Assistant Account Manager05 Lakhs
Senior Account Executive04 Lakhs
Business Analyst4-7 Lakhs
Account Assistant3-5 Lakhs

So, These are the details about the CA Salary in India as per the latest research done. All the candidates who are preparing for CA, Must check the overall CA Course Details and prepare accordingly for the examination.

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FAQs For Chartered Accountants’ Salary in India

How Much a CA Final Topper Does Earn per Annum?

As per the latest topper’s placement. In India, one gets around 22 lakhs per annum while on the International posting, one gets between 36 to 42 lakhs per annum.

Can A CA Earn in Crores?

In the beginning, it is tough to earn that much amount but with years of experience and expertise. It is possible to earn crores.

How much does a CA Earn in India?

With No experience or little experience, One can earn between 55k to 70k depending upon the company and performance in the Interview.

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