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Specialization Subject Stream in Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com

Best Commerce Coaching in India
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Best commerce coaching in India

Best commerce coaching in India

Bachelor of Commerce or also known as B.Com is a three and four year bachelor degree program that is designed to offer the candidates a broad range of managerial skills besides building competence in a particular area of business. This imparts the students with the requisite knowledge in the accounting principles, economic policies, export and import laws, and the other aspects that impact trade and business. Ideally, students of B.Com on graduating are expected to have obtained the fundamental knowledge in diverse fields related to the establishment. Any B.Com degree holder is fit for working in a corporate hub or be self-employed. The B.Com graduates possess varieties of skills like tally, accounting, human resource management, and many more. The Indian universities provide three types of B.Com courses – B.Com honors, B.Com general, and B.Com vocational. Even the Coaching Classes for B.Com offer classes for these courses differently. If you are searching for the Best commerce coaching in India, join Kisalay Commerce Classes today.

B.Com Honors:- The students are given a requisite knowledge of the relevant subjects like economics, accounting, etc.

B.Com Pass or General Course:- The students are given an overview of the relevant subjects and there is no such choice for doing specialization in any particular subject.

B.Com Vocational:- This is a skill-based and a job-oriented course and the aspirants can specialize in the skill-based subjects.

Most of the universities plan the degree in such a way that the aspirants can be exposed to the general business principles, finance, business management, human resources, accounting, economics, and marketing. Some of the programs also include statistics, calculus, and information systems. The courses can be pursued as part-time and full-time or can be pursued through correspondence. The students can choose the combination of subjects apart from the one or two compulsory subjects. The combinations may vary from one institute to the other. Most of the colleges offer a change of elective subjects in the 2nd year based on the performance of the candidate.

Specializations in B.Com:-

B.Com Honors:- The program aims to develop in the students a competitive business acumen via an advanced study of the general subjects like cost accountancy and organizational behavior and later allow them to do specialization in any chosen area.

B.Com Economics:- The course teaches the aspirants to analyze the economic issues in both the public and the private sectors. The curriculum mainly focuses on developing business acumen in the students with the incorporation of specialties like organizational behavior and cost accounting. The candidates are allowed to pick from these.

B.Com Management Studies:- In this course, the students can learn to diagnose the solutions for the operational and managerial issues. The main topics included in this course are statistical research, commercialization, trade, customer demands, and the labor market.

B.Com Computer Applications:- The course aims to generate qualified personnel for fields like insurance, banking, stock markets, accounting, and e-commerce, besides the teaching jobs in colleges and universities.

B.Com Foreign Trade Management:- The candidates enrolled in the course are given training in the aspects related to import and export of the trade cycle. They are trained to run the business efficiently.

B.Com Taxation:- This program prepares the candidates for professional ability and qualification in the area of accounting, taxation, and finance. Specializing in taxation can help in developing a solid base in this field, which in turn makes it easier to obtain leadership in the financial sector.

B.Com Banking Management:- The course is designed to produce trained professionals who all can handle different financial activities related to banking sectors.

B.Com Accountancy:- This course puts a firm emphasis on developing analytical skills and professional competence in every aspect of accounting.

B.Com E-commerce:- This B.Com course aims to equip the eligible students with advanced learning in the online business practices of the companies and procedures of managing the online portal of the business. This course includes elements of study like economics, information science, finance, accountancy, and international business.

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