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CA Intermediate Study Plan for May 2023 Exams

CA Intermediate Study Plan
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There are eight papers within the CA Intermediate course of study which requires to be cleared to become eligible for the ultimate course. ICAI schedules CA Intermediate Exams in May and November month. Shortly once CA Intermediate registration, a student has to pay for eight months of CA intermediate exams preparation that is necessary by ICAI. Here in this article, we will get to know about the CA Intermediate Study Plan that one must focus on to get a better result.

Students typically get demoralized by such an occasional CA Intermediate result and lose focus and enthusiasm whereas making ready for the intermediate level. With most negativity around, it becomes hard for college students to continue with positive thinking. Before we move to CA Intermediate Study Plan for 2023. Let’s find the reason for the bad results.

Why do numerous students fail in CA exams?

Here are some of the reasons that we as professionals have shortlisted and most of the issues are very common and affect the aspirants in a bold way:

Too much negativity around:

Since the CA course passes our quantitative relation is merely 2-5%, and you’ll naturally meet additional failures than winners. Once you raise or consult students who haven’t cleared the exams, you get feedback which may demotivate and mislead you.

No correct study material:

ICAI is the brass of the CA course. The CA inhume study material provided by them is decent for the scholars. However, the language of ICAI material is a bit difficult from alternative study materials obtainable within the market. Students typically study with those market books and find themselves distracted from the correct course.

No Proper Guidance:

ICAI update and revised the course of study sporadically. The CA Intermediate test pattern is additionally updated often per trade demand and expectation. Several CA employment institutes cannot keep their course of study updated per ICAI and let their students study from obsolete materials.

KCC (Kisalay Commerce Classes) has learned the pitfalls and has makeshift and stirred a Study Plan that helps students not solely to pass CA intermediate exams but conjointly score high ranks and be the topper.

CA Intermediate Study Plan

KCC Best CA intermediate study Plan is essentially divided into three classes. The study Plans answer the 3 basic and necessary questions of any students who need to convey their best for the CA intermediate exams of 2023.

  • What to study?
  • How to study?
  • When to study?

If you follow this study Plan with total dedication and sincerity, you’ll certainly be ready to crack the CA intermediate exams with flying colours.

Visit us-CA course Syllabus

What to study for CA intermediate 2023 Exams?

Students mustn’t get confused with the abundance of study material obtainable online and in bookstores. The CA intermediate has eight papers in total. Group one comprised four papers and Group two conjointly comprised four papers.

Group 1
100 (30:70)30% MCQ
70% Subjective
2)A)Corporate laws
B)other laws(A)
100Practical3)Cost and management accounting
100 (30:70)30% MCQ
70% Subjective
4)Income tax law
4b) indirect taxes
Group 2
100Practical5)Advance Accounting(B)
100(30:70)30% MCQ
70% Subjective
6)Auditing and assurance (B)
100(30:70)30% MCQ
70% Subjective
7a)Enterprise information system(B)
7b)Strategic management(B)
100Practical8a)Financial Management and Economics for finance

To prepare effectively for the CA Intermediate exams, students should consult with ICAI study materials and CA Intermediate papers like mock test papers, previous year papers, Revision Test papers, etc.

KCC provides the most effective compilers of study materials and as per us, they’re decent for the students to attain sensible marks. CA intermediate compiler includes.

  • ICAI syllabus
  • ICAI study material
  • Previous year’s question paper with suggested answers
  • Mock Test papers
  • Revision test papers
  • Sample Questions for the 30:70 Assessment
  • Tips and tricks for Intermediate exams

With this study material, you’ll have a revised ICAI syllabus and study material. KCC (Kisalay Commerce Classes) helps the scholars to know the study material in simple language, which helps the scholars to understand it in higher ways.

By practising the previous year’s question paper and respondent it in a similar format because of the advised answers, the coed develops the talent to present the answers within the format expected by ICAI, which helps them to attain marks.

How to study for the CA intermediate exams of May 2023?

Time hours to study: 10-12 hours daily

Subjects to Revise Daily: Accounts, accounting, Advance accounting (4 hours sensible daily)

Subjects to Revise Weekly: Law, Eco, Sm (Fix One Day of Week)

Subjects to revise fortnightly (15 days): Audit, Enterprise data system (Assign the number of hours to be devoted in every subject)

  1. Select the correct learning place for yourself.
  2. The seat ought to be snug, and also the space ought to have the correct lights.
  3. Sit in a snug and erected position whereas learning
  4. There ought to be no disturbance while you study.
  5. Build neat notes and use markers to underline necessary topics.
  6. Use the compilers of updated course of study

When to check for CA intermediate May 2023 exams?

The study Plans want your commitment to check. Students will pursue this CA Intermediate Study Plan for the 2023 exams.

You can conjointly browse our article on the most effective preparation strategy for the primary cluster and also the best preparation strategy for the second cluster.

There will be seven months with you to Plan for your exams. The scholars ought to set a target for each month and May complete the whole course of study of the CA intermediate course.

First Month Study Plan for CA Intermediate May 2023

Create notes and develop an understanding of the course of study. Throughout the primary month of preparation attempt to hide the theoretical portion of the chapter.

Second Month Study Plan for CA Intermediate May 2023

Keep performing on the theoretical part of the topics and check out to know the fundamental ideas, so things become easier for you for additional studies. The course is immense thus you wish to be regular along with your studies.

CA Intermediate Third-Month Preparation Strategy

It’s time currently you follow sensible issues for the whole day. As solely five additional months left for exams, you wish to hide up the course in time with regular studies.

CA Intermediate Study Plan for the Last four Months

If you’ve got any doubts, ask your teachers or seniors to assist you. It’s the time wherever your ideas regarding the topic ought to be clear and utterly specialize in a sensible part of the course.

5th Months Study Plan for CA Intermediate May 2023

Sit back and think about the subject you’re economical at and work to clear up any issues, or dilemmas connected to it subject or your question. You’ll once more look for steerage from academics or your seniors.

6th Month Study Plan for CA Intermediate

Eventually, you’re here, for the last two days for your exams. Your exams are approaching thus don’t stampede if you continue to are unfinished with the course. Adhere to your study Plan, and you’ll certain be ready to review those remaining topics.

7th Month Study Plan for CA Intermediate May 2023

Don´t be nervous or positive throughout now. It’s time to stay your mind and body stable and match. With a targeted and consistent study Plan, you’ll be ready throughout now and feel assured regarding your potential.

Preparation Tips for CA Intermediate May 2023

  • Keep yourself matched and relaxed.
  • Download your hall price ticket, and keep your images, and timetable in one place before your CA Intermediates exams begin.
  • DO some exercise daily for a quarter-hour daily.
  • Keep an honest system alimentation by having healthy feeding habits.
  • Keep involvement with family and friends for a specified amount.
  • Develop a reading habit and keep yourself updated with current affairs.

So, This is the CA Intermediate Study Plan for May 2023 Examination. Hope it was helpful to you. Make sure to join the KCC (Kisalay Commerce Classes) and get yourself prepared at your best.

FAQs For CA Intermediate Study Plan

Do I need to buy books from the Market for better preparation?

ICAI books are enough for the preparation. All you need is guidance about what to prepare and how to prepare etc.

How many hours should I study Daily for CA Intermediate preparation?

Well, some study for 5 hours every day and clear the exam while some study for the whole day. But, studying for 10-12 hours every day with proper dedication is enough for preparation.

Is it possible to prepare for CA Intermediate Exam in 2 months?

No, it needs proper devotion and the syllabus is broad, it takes time to cover the complete syllabus.

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